This course is an introduction to the history of salvation as expressed in the Old Testament, including historical and theological study focused on Israel as the covenant people of God, with special attention given to the relationship of the Old Testament to Jesus Christ.

ENG 101: English Composition provides the fundamentals of expository writing and offers practice in reading, interpreting, and responding to texts.

This course is designed to provide students with concepts about information technology by demonstrating skills such as basic computer literacy, acknowledging reliable internet resources, and integrating patient care technologies into safe health care practice. Students considering nursing or other healthcare careers will benefit from the information provided. Equivalent to CCBC HSCI 203.
Prerequisite: Enrolled in Geneva College Nursing Major.

This course addresses population focused health promotion and disease and injury prevention based on determinants of local, national, and global health including lifestyle, environmental, cultural, and genetic factors. This course focuses on application of theories and concepts from nursing and public health sciences in assessing health status and preventing and controlling disease in families and communities. The use of epidemiological and community assessment techniques to examine at risk populations, health promotion, and disease prevention. Major local, state, and national health issues are considered including mental health and substance abuse and related co-morbidities; reemergence of infectious and communicable diseases; environmental and occupational health hazards; bioterrorism; emergency preparedness; and disaster response.

Prerequisites: Declared Geneva College Nursing major, completed CCBC nursing program, or has RN licensure.