A comprehensive overview, integration, and application of major theories and techniques employed in the counseling process. Specific advanced counseling interventions by master counselors will be reviewed via videotape and critiqued. Initial counseling skills will be developed via videotaped role play and will be reviewed and critiqued by the instructor. Basic models and strategies of consultation will be explored from theoretical and pragmatic points of view and applied to case material. Spring and Summer semester.

A review of the most commonly used drugs for psychological conditions, their effects and their side effects, and the methods of action. Particular attention is paid to the synaptic events relevant to drug actions. Summer semester.

This course is designed to introduce students to the history, philosophy, and etiological premises that define the practice of marriage, couples, and family counseling/therapy. The domain of professional ethics, the legal system, and professional organizations pertaining to the field will be presented. Professional issues will be presented as well as implications pertaining to social, cultural, diversity, and equity pertaining to couples and families. Students will articulate a foundational view of marriage, couple, and family counseling consistent with their own biblical worldview.