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AI Detection in Online Courses

by Hannah George -

Geneva Online students and faculty,

Recent increased availability of AI tools has prompted the College to consider how to detect the improper use of AI tools to produce content for coursework. In response, Turnitin released a new feature, the AI Writing Indicator, available only to instructors in the Feedback Studio. This new feature indicates the overall percentage of a student’s submission that may have been AI-generated. Instructors can use the AI Writing Indicator to review students’ papers in greater detail for adherence to academic honesty. For more information on the AI Writing Indicator, visit Turnitin’s AI Writing Detection Capabilities FAQ page.

Similar to traditional cases of academic misconduct, any unauthorized use of AI tools on assessments is considered a breach of academic honesty. To help students understand what constitutes “unauthorized use” of AI tools in coursework, we have compiled the following guidance. However, students should follow any more specific direction from their instructors.

  • Generally, “unauthorized use” is the use of any AI tool to compose thoughts (e.g., generate sentences/paragraphs) on behalf of the student without proper quotation/citation.

  • To uphold academic integrity, all submitted work must be one’s own or properly attributed to the original author.

  • Copying and including any AI text output in an assignment without proper quotation/citation is considered plagiarism.

When an instructor has reason to believe that dishonest behavior has occurred, the parties involved will be confronted. Our hope is that students will avoid the temptation to inappropriately use AI-generated text in coursework.